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Life before Sasha: I had so many problems trying to forge a plan with our house.  We knew we'd bought a tricky house, needing a lot of work, but the suburb and the school zone made it worth the risk. I just needed the right person to help me come up with some plans about how to attack it.  

I've had numerous labourers make appointments and not show, or come back with other tradespeople who then talked to each other and not me or explain anything and a lot of assumptions made mostly about how much money I did or didn't have to spend and whether I was a serious customer or not.  It is very difficult to convey how serious you are about a project when you can't even nail down the scope of what is needed.  Not to mention how awkward it is being surrounded by uncommunicative tradespeople and ambiguity about which of them are about to charge me a call out fee that I didn't agree to.  In our house I'm the main decision maker on financial matters because I'm the one who cares more, several tradespeople did not go to the trouble of explaining possible solutions to me as I didn't understand what they were saying and they were right I didn't, I needed some education and respect.  The process pre Sasha really undermined my confidence to be able to come up with any sort of solution at all.

Meeting Sasha was a game changer.  Straight away she was able to offer some fast and simple solutions on how to immediately add value to the property.  The solutions were right under my nose, and no other person had come up with anything so simple and effective.  

After further discussions we were able to work out that we wanted to take the project further with a bigger scope to allow for how we wanted to use the house, and Sasha's communication skills has made this process so clear and easy to follow..  She has been patient with my questions, and answered in a way that I can understand and provided heaps of visual examples.  Her management of tradespeople has been such a gift, her vetting process is very thorough and I respect the way she values her relationships with tradespeople as well as the customer.  Our values align about paying the right price for the right quality of service and It's not often you feel like everyone's interests are being met and has really highlighted to me the value of Sasha as a project manager.  

I wish I'd met Sasha earlier as there were so many projects along the way that made so much sense financially but I didn't have the skills or access to the right tradespeople to pull it off.  I cannot wait to complete our renovations and will be engaging Sasha in every house purchase in the future.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Toni D

Sasha I am very pleased with the kitchen and it looks absolutely fantastic, I couldn't have done it without you. The guys were so helpful, even moved everything back for me like the fridge. I am very grateful to you all, and highly appreciative of the speed everything was completed with.

Kathryn T

I highly rate my recent experience with Sasha from Reno Girl. I live in a very dated 1950s home. I had no idea where to start and received outrageous quotes from Tradesmen. Sasha helped me transform my lounge, kitchen, guest room and ensuite to a very modern, beautiful space on a very tight budget. Sasha is well connected in the building and trades industry. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, resources and experiences to save people like myself money. I wont consider any further home projects without her involvement.

Marietta S

Phenomenal service - reno girl not only did all the work sourcing the best deal on tiles, vanity and toilet and builders/painters/tilers, she helped design the renovation. Sasha's design suggestions resulted in a much better bathroom without massively increasing the price. The trades people were reliable, professional, careful and respectful. They fixed minor errors we noticed without quibbling, and another one they noticed. They also took great care taking out and reinstalling our spa bath without damaging it even though it is in a very tight space. The end result is very high quality. We have what feels like a completely new bathroom without changing everything. It was our first time using professionals and we were quite nervous, but now wouldn't hesitate to contact Reno girl again. It is definitely worth paying the money for her services as it saves stress, hassle organisation, and you also get great yet affordable design ideas and access to reliable tradies and reduced prices on materials.


I would like to share a wonderful experience I had working with renogirl (Sasha) at my rental property. One of the pipes from the back of wall plumbing had started leaking causing wooden underfloor to sag while damaging laminate flooring on the top. I had gotten two separate quotes from builders for the repair works. One quote came at 77k and another was 85k. I contacted Sasha and forwarded her the quotes. After looking at the quotes, she asked me to check with both builders if they had been under the house? Obviously, they hadn’t been, however they were able to tell me the extent of damage and scope of works required without looking at the situation. Sasha asked me if it was possible for her to go under the house and look at the wooden floor. So, she went under the house and told me exactly what we needed to do. She organized everything for me and it ended up costing me less than 10k including new hot water gas unit. I feel extremely lucky that I came across Sasha, who was not only professional but able to understand my situation and kept everything hassle free. I highly recommend Sasha for any kind of building works including renovations, additions or new builds. She’s got an eye for detail and not afraid to do hard yards. Her passion is building and she likes to challenge the building industry status quo by breaking the norm and thinking out of square. If you are looking for a high quality, inspirational and hassle-free projects then Sasha is your person you want to speak with.

Aman S