About Reno Girl

I am Sasha Chekal, who is behind this brand, who is driven and extremely passionate in helping women and families to build and renovate. I have navigated the renovation process many times as a client, and as a project manager so I understand just how hard it is to find the right people to engage, particularly as a female!

I bring a wealth of knowledge and I help clients add real value to their property. 

I have established my own team of fully qualified builders and contractors. My focus is to deliver quality product and service at an affordable price. I do all the planning for you, complete the council process and project manage to keep everything on track and within budget.

Architectural Plan


It is crucial to have a robust plan before the renovation project begins. I work with clients to navigate potential restrictions, road bumps and identify solutions to achieve desired results. Creating a design that is practical, simple and effective.

Work Desk


I engage specialists like draftsman, engineer and other contractors who all have extensive experience renovating older homes. My role is to help with lodgement of consent and necessary paperwork to obtain CCC and advise clients of the best way forward to carry out the necessary work.



The kitchen is where your first coffee of the day is brewed and your kids enjoy breakfast. Us ladies absolutely love locking that door to the outside world and run an indulgent bubble bath. Each individual home is different and both of these rooms are what sell houses. I endeavor to achieve the right balance between the style, price and choosing the right product to suit my client’s budget.

Home Decor


With the housing shortages, a lot of families invest in extensions to add value to property for generating rental income or providing extra space for extended family. I deliver cost effective, simple designs and manage the entire process to bring it all together, from start to finish, saving time and money.

Wooden Garage


What if I told you, that old tired space under the house is actually usable? For some of my clients that’s exactly what we have discovered. It’s an opportunity that you don’t want to miss, especially when you can benefit from extra income and add so much value to your property.



I often work with clients helping with overall property plans, providing ideas of what is achievable. I advise on what needs additional council approvals, how long would it take and who you would need to engage in the process. This helps take complexity and stress out of the next steps my clients are planning on making and I help manage the process as much or as little as they may need.