Passionate about helping familes and home owners renovate to make the most of their investment and vision. Providing practical solutions and project management services with a womans touch.

What makes us unique is that we want to understand your ideas, we then select a team and project manage the renovation to bring your vision to life. We want to remove the stress, focus on bringing you JOY by creating the HOME that you LOVE.

We know renovation projects are one of the extremely stressful things for anyone to go through in life. For some of our clients it is overwhelming to even know where to start.  Trying to organise different people to get quotes, meet them, take time off work, co-ordinate family events and figure out who to select during this process is not easy.

We get that and what’s why for us, what's important to you is our priority. We work with our cilents to take the pain away and oversee your project. We believe your DREAM HOME should tell your story, and be a collection of what you LOVE.



Helping families and homeowners with planning and management of the renovation projects, providing practical solutions to making it happen.Transforming home dreams into reality, from initial consultation through to project completion.

Working with customers to help increase and maintain the value of your property and make it your ‘dream home’ through renovation projects. It is important to understand the future vision and overall goals for the property. Learning about the ‘WHY’ of the renovation project is essential, so that we can take care of the ‘HOW’.

We focus on the below key areas of home renovation projects:

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • GIB, Paint Interior and Exterior

  • Interior and Exterior Repair

  • Landscaping

  • Decking and Outdoor Entertainment area

We work together with our clients in establishing a plan, we co-ordinate and oversee the quotation process, prepare draft budget and a detailed timeline of the project. Once the team and the concept has been selected by our clients, we manage the process. We lock in the timeline and co-ordinate the project. We arrange meetings, book tradies on-site, checking in on them during the project and most importantly we are there to troubleshoot.

One of the biggest reasons people use us, is that we are our clients advocates and become your voice. We know how stressful things can get during a renovation project. We don’t want to see people making decisions that you regret later. While you are at work or busy with your own life, you can’t be there all the time to oversee and fix things. Tradies love working with us because we take care of the communication, interaction with the client, and eliminate time delays.



I am Sasha Chekal, the woman behind this brand, a woman who is driven and extremely passionate to help families, homeowners to build and renovate. My own experience, and the stories of those around me who I love dearly, has been the inspiration behind the Reno Girl journey.

Renovating over the last 10 years, my friends and family would share their stories, as well as my own. I’d get calls and hear about - how difficult it is to find good builders and who do you trust? Some are on a waiting list of 6 – 12 months, but what if you need to sell a house because your circumstances have changed? You are working full time and need things done, so who do you trust and where do you start? How many of us have taken an afternoon off, to just meet someone to get a quote and never hear back from them.

Just some of the worst is: a painting company taking on a deposit, stripped the weatherboards, did partial undercoat and then the rest of the painting took 4 – 6 months to complete. Friend of mine called them daily, to ask if they are there today to finish the job? With response ‘I’m sick or I will try and be there this afternoon’ and they still don’t turn up. A full – bathroom rebuild  was suggested, but in actual fact it was a hot water cylinder that was leaking. Kitchen was ordered, measured on-site pre-install, but once arrived it didn’t fit which meant another 6 weeks delay, while you have no kitchen and a family to feed. I myself have been through so many of my own stories, have been in situations not knowing who to call, ask for help or find out what is involved in getting things repaired.

My aim is to help others avoid an experience of a bad story. My purpose is to take the stress away, select a great team to deliver amazing result, saving time and money and to see everyone happy and enjoying their home.  

 If you would like some advice or guidance and support, I would love to work with you. Get in touch with me, and I will personally pop out to see you.



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